About Us

We are people who are passionate about the positive benefits of sport, both physically and mentally, and we do try to practice what we believe. Between us we have completed, assisted and orgainsed a massive range of different events.

Ronan Jamieson
RonanIncurroI am a self confessed late starter, but once I started I got hooked and can be seen pounding the streets with a bag on my back (to carry my keys). I have completed a wide range of events, mainly running, including 2 day Rat Races, 5k’s, 10K’s, Race the Train, The Grim, The Wolf Run and too many half marathons to count.

I love the sense of achievement when you cross that line and reckon that finishing is the first challenge and the time is the second. My current running ambition is to beat that Train and run a sub 1:30 half (I am 4:22 off at the moment).

John Thompson
JohnThompson1Enthusiastic, driven, focused and a willingness to try something new and overcome fear,  given half a chance. Do all these with a smile on my face. These are the attributes I passionately believe in and aim to inspire a generation; child, youth, adult or companies alike… believe and you achieve!

Also being a latecomer to sport; relearning to walk after suffering a broken back during a New Zealand climbing accident, I used triathlon as a way of challenging my body and mind to keep going no matter what. Six years later I competed my first Ironman (2.5 mile Swim, 180km Bike and a Marathon).

Motto: Find Fear & Have Fun.