Fun Runs

How do you get kids active these days, well for a start we need to provide them with the opportunity to give new challenges a try. At Incurro we firmly believe in this ethos and have given over 400 kids the chance to challenge themselves through triathlons (we were told that we were mad to have 5 year olds competing in a team based triathlon event…but the smiles at the end when the whole team ran across the finish line were enough proof for us).


So we now intend to encourage, motivate, challenge and most of all have FUN by organising a series of race aimed at kids of all ages.

Earley 2.5k

We had our first outing in Earley in 2014, and it was a massive success with over 100 kids finishing the 2.5k mixed terrain run. For more info, please check out the Run Earley website

Its Muddy Running

You have heard of the Grim, Hellrunner, Tough Guy, well why should adults have all the fun. From our experience kids love to get muddy as well, so why not encourage then by throwing in a few obstacles, a lot of mud and top it off with a dash of running (and FUN). So watch this space for more details…